Is It Reasonable To Give Homework For Kindergarten Kids?

We all live in a highly competitive world. The new economy is going to require superior intelligence skills for anyone to get ahead. Parents worry about their children’s prospects and this concern starts at an early age. There are some who think that kindergarten children should be assigned home just like everyone else. This is a topic of serious discussion a lot of people in here are some of the thoughts.

  • You May As Well Start Them Early. The argument is that competition is going to start soon and a young person has to be ready for academic discipline. Beginning in kindergarten allows the child to get accustomed to the demands of learning.

  • Creative Homework will be Mind Stimulating. The teacher has responsibility of making afterschool projects interesting for the kids. The right type of assignment is going to spark curiosity in the minds. That can lead to higher levels of creativity. They are not going to be doing algebra problems but perhaps exploring the environment around them.

  • It Makes Kindergarten Interesting. The children can come back to class the following day and share what they learned in their little homework assignments. It creates an even more educational atmosphere.

  • This Is Causing Too Much Stress. Homework is a demand that something be done by the child after school. It creates a situation where a young person begins to feel the stress of responsibility and age that is far too young. This can cause problems later on.

  • Let Them Play. A kid at the age of five years should be allowed to play. He or she develops better social skills that can interact with others better because of that. There will be time enough for home later on but this is the wrong time in their lives. Given the chance to have a little more stress free time.

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Original Tips

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